June 2013. Illa del Mar building ( MSA+A ) included in Barcelona. Modern Architecture Guide.

Guia d'AACTAR editorial and the Barcelona City Council have published Barcelona. Modern Architecture Guide, which constitutes a reflection on the urban transformation of Barcelona from the late nineteenth century to the present. It gathers a selection of works of architecture from the earliest manifestations of Modernism, going through the most innovative proposals of the Modern Movement, and continuing with the great urban renewal projects associated to the Olympic Games and the recent urban transformations.

As part of the Forum of Cultures and the connection Diagonal South/Sant Adrià/Besòs area, the guide includes the residential building Illa del Mar, designed by MSA+A in 2003-2005.

Barcelona. Modern Architecture Guide
Manuel Gausa, Marta Cervelló, Maurici Pla, Ricardo Devesa.
Actar / Ajuntament de Barcelona
Barcelona, 2013
Catalan, Spanish and English versions.