The plan is part of the general proposal for addressing the interstitial urban gap that has been created by the growth of the outlying working-class neighbourhoods of Sant Crist and Bufalà, which follow the course of the Bufalà Stream. This is a large sloping plot with an area of 20,000 m2 where a major new public space is projected – Plaça Jordi Dauder, which will be an area providing social identification and cohesion for the entire urban area.


This new square is organised on a gentle slope and provides accessible routes between the two neighbourhoods facing each other, between which there is an elevation gain of about ten metres. It has a rectangular layout, and its development is considered an extension of the Batllòria street, a secondary urban street that follows the old course of the stream. The square is therefore defined by three façades: two of them are created by the two residential buildings that are planned; the third will be established in the future by two buildings containing facilities.


The heights of the two residential buildings – one containing 56 social housing units and the other containing 80 public rental accommodation units – range between five storeys to three on the side overlooking the Bufalà district, which has low-intensity buildings.


The anticipated heavy commercial footfall on the ground floor of one of the buildings and the use of the ground floor of the other as a healthcare facility ensure the vitality of the new public space. The square is designed as a space for relationships and activity, with specific areas for leisure, children’s play, exercise for adults and recreation for dogs.

Project: Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, architects MSA+A

Collaborators: Milena Ibáñez, Rosa Massó, architects MSA+A

Execution director: Darío Sánchez, technical architect

Structure: Juan Pablo Rodríguez / Ignacio Vallet, architects MSA+A

Installations: Lluisa Sánchez, architect JSS Efficient Engineering / Yolanda Boto, architect MSA+A

Developer: Arauca SCCP. Salas Plushabit

General contractor: Salas Construhabit

Built area: 780 m²

Chronology: Design, 2018-2019Construction, in progress