Given the desire to highlight the geometric conflict created by the route of Diagonal avenue on the Cerdà grid plan in the Eixample district, the plan transforms the provision for two enclosed blocks between the streets of Fluvià and Selva de Mar with perimeter buildings with a uniform height, into an open construction, with a twisting layout and variable height, figurative, capable of creating a singularly expressive stretch of the avenue.


The projected buildings combine tertiary uses and social housing, and contain the 459 homes that are the result of the transformation of the Diagonal-Poblenou sector. The covered pedestrian crossings on the ground floor provide permeability between Diagonal avenue and the adjacent tertiary blocks in the Llull-Pujades Llevant sector, which are within the 22@ business district. Unfortunately, the municipal criterion of allocating the ground floors of the buildings to housing, despite its obvious possible use for commercial purposes, prevailed.

Planning: Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, architects MSA+A. José Luís Pérez / Jaume de la Cruz, lawyers

Building designs: Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, architects MSA+A

Developer: Barcelona City Council. Espais Catalunya Promocions Immobiliàries

Area: 30.070 m² land

Building capacity: 92.238,00 m² floor area

Chronology: 2002-2003