This is a purpose-designed sector with enclosed blocks, a perimeter building with excessive depth and moderate uniform height. We were able to transform the layout of one of the blocks with a Municipal Urban Plan: the block with a façade overlooking the Parc Central in Poblenou. Without altering the overall building capacity, the buildable depth is reduced and the height of the perimeter building strip is increased by one floor. This ends opposite the park and makes way for two towers of different heights, which are strategically misaligned in order to give them more autonomy and highlight the specific qualities of the place. This creates a semi-open block with a discontinuous crest, with a façade overlooking the park with the appropriate staircase to contribute to the definition of the public space it delimits.

Promotor: Associació Administrativa de Cooperació de la Unitat d’Actuació 8 del PERI Diagonal-Poblenou

Planning: Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, architects MSA+A. Enric Soria, lawyer

Building designs: Carlos Ferrater, Isabel Martínez Alié, Oscar Tusquets, Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, and others

Developer: Administrative Association of Cooperation of the Unit of Action 8 of the PERI Diagonal-Poblenou

Area: 10.332 m2 land

Building capacity: 47.530,20 m2 floor area

Chronology: 2003