This group of 85 homes is treated as an urban unit on a square block measuring 81 x 83 metres, located at the end of a newly created extension on the outskirts of the town, on the southern slope of the Collserola hills.


It is organised as three separate buildings aligned along three of the perimeter streets of the block, freeing up the southern façade for views and sun, for both the housing and the internal community area created. The connections between the three buildings are openings that provide general access to the entire group, and enable visual communication between the streets and the interior public space.


Two of the five-storey buildings contain dual-aspect homes with conventional access via staircases and a lift. The third is a row of two-storey detached homes with separate entrances from both the street and the interior of the block. All the homes have access from the interior public space, where the natural slope of the land is broken down into several flat terraces connected by a continuous staircase and alternatively by a complex pedestrian walkway along ramps that link the various areas in the community space: the landscaped leisure area, swimming pool, children’s playground, etc.


The façades are made with ventilated façade technology, and organised based on a strict black and white mesh pattern. The exceptions to this pattern create designs on a larger scale, related to distant views of the buildings.

Project: Adolf Martínez / Josep Lluís Sisternas, architects MSA+A

Collaborators: Cristóbal Arrabal, Silvia Pérez, architects MSA+A

Execution director: Josep Terrones, Tandemtecnic

Structure: Static Ingeniería. Juan Pablo Rodríguez / Ignacio Vallet, architects MSA+A

Installations: JSS Efficient Engineering. Yolanda Boto, architect MSA+A

Developer: Neinor Homes

General contractor: Tarraco SL

Project manager: Francisco Javier León, Javier de Lemus, ACERTA

Built area: 12.480 m²

Chronology: Design, 2018-2019; Construction, 2019-2020